Objectives : Our Objectives are :
  1. To Manufacture, fabricate, design, import, export, marketing, trading, assembly, consultancy and advisory services in the fields of:
    • Laser technology, laser systems, laser weapons.
    • Laser diagnostic tools, laser imaging, laser ranging.
    • Laser designators, laser communications systems.
    • Laser acoustic surveillance systems, laser protection systems.
    • Acoustic technology, acoustic systems, broadcasting systems.
    • Acoustic sensors, acoustic diagnostic tools.
    • Seismic sensors, seismic security tools, seismic diagnostic tools
    • Innovative radio frequency, laser, acoustic, seismic countermeasures
    • Electro-magnetic pulse, high energy pulse, high energy pulse weapons
    • Remotely piloted vehicles, drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Imaging sensors, imaging systems
    • Medical and biotechnology sensors & devices
    • Network centric operations, network enabled operations
    • Software defined radios, command and control systems
    • Embedded systems for operational ERP, battle management systems
    • Battle management software, mission planning systems.
  1. Provision of all electronic and technology-related solutions for:
    • Military, defence, Civilian Agencies, Govt organisations, and Institutions
    • Supply of all items required by the above entities connected to the stated systems.
  1. Additional Services:
    • Training, consultancy and advisory services for product development.
    • Technology support, program and project management.
    • Export promotion, defence offsets, technical documentation.
    • Interactive classroom-based training and software tools for training.
    • Archival and diagnostic quality management systems.
    • Academia-Industry interface, business-case reports.
    • Due diligence studies for acquisitions and mergers.
    • New entity and SBU creation, corporate growth strategy.
    • Developing industry partners, joint ventures, and collaboration feasibility.
    • Jobs, tenders, and securing bids.
    • Transfer of Technology (TOT) /Contract management.
    • Market research, business campaigns, business promotion
    • Market strategies and solutions in military applications, aerospace, homeland security.
    • Asset protection, Electronic Warfare countermeasures, Land Systems, Network Centric Systems.
    • Laser, acoustic, seismic, radio frequency, electro-optical sensors
    • Providing Indian support base to foreign manufacturers and OEMs
    • Facilitating foreign OEMs for Indian operations with an exclusive business center.
    • Jointly developing innovative technological products and concepts.
    • Cyber-IT operations, Electronic Warfare Systems.
    • RF, laser, acoustic, electro-optical decoys and decoying techniques.
    • Camouflage and concealment equipment, chemical compositions, paints, films, materials, and nets.
    • Foreign object detection sensors and disposal equipment.
    • Safety techniques and equipment for civil and military airfields, airports, maneuvering areas, tarmacs, and hangars.
    • Software and embedded systems for operational ERP and battle management systems.
  1. Organising, undertaking, and providing training capsules, lectures, and documentation for all related subjects, systems, sub-systems, and technologies as stated above.

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