Objectives : Our Objectives are :

(a)     Guide Academia to provide solutions to real life problems.

(b)     Provide platform for Research in Futuristic Concepts and Projects.

(c)     Bring in a culture of R&D in Academia and Industry.

(d)     Encourage collaborative R&D by Academia and Industry.

(e)     Promote synergy between Users, industry and academia.

(f)      Interface between Military, Industry and Academia.

(f)      Collaborate with think tanks and CoE for wider knowledge base.

(g)     Emphasis on developing core Technologies for wider employability.

(h)     Carry out fundamental as well as applied research in critical area.

(j)      Be financially self-sustaining Company and plough back the profits into R&D.                                                                                                                 

(k)     Generate revenue through training, Project Management, consultancy etc.