Idyllic Futuristic Technologies (IFT) is a startup company with it’s Head Office at in Delhi NCR at Noida. IFT was established to bring in paradigm shift from traditional ‘Defence R&D’ in India. A unique initiative, it is supported and mentored by dedicated and passionate veterans from the Armed Forces. The sum total experience of these professional veterans in Operations, Administration and Maintenance is huge and unmatched. They are the best who offer the most unconventional yet most effective approach and unique vision. Their support to startups is unmatched as they bring in first hand user experiences and futuristic perspective which helps the startups to focus on core R&D work. Emphasis is on developing futuristic technologies, provide most viable operational solutions, continue research in material science, develop new concepts, prepare for Network Centric Warfare and Network Centric Operations, prepare to exploit new field of Cyber-EW, develop Futuristic Weapons, support development of Green Fuels, Drones, Train to absorb new technologies and build teams of professional Scientists, Engineers, Researchers and Combatants to support the concept of Think, Build, Train and Operate. The idea is also to develop dual use technologies and products for wider user base. The products and technology spectrum varies from agriculture at lower end of technology to aerospace and defence technologies at the higher end. IFT specializes in developing business strategies and create new business opportunities. IFT has wide network of domain expert industries, MSMEs, Startups as well as individual professionals. At IFT we lay emphasis on integrating Tier 2 and 3 Industries and Academia into Defence R&D. Both Industry and Academia have been guided successfully to leverage their existing capabilities in providing solutions to the problem statements of the Defence services. Focus is on new concepts, D&D, product development, creation of capabilities’ indigenously etc. IFT with constant interaction and sustained endeavor has been able to slowly bridge the gap between the Industry, Academia and Armed Forces. IFT lays great emphasis on Human Resource as a main pillar. It has thus created a network of individual professionals as well as professionals from industries and those engaged in Defence R&D. One of the strengths of IFT is the ability to encourage consortium or partnership of domain expert individuals and industries in domains like ballistics, electronics, propellants, weapons, warheads, drones, guidance systems, power plants, PCB designing, forging, precision machining, software development, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, quantum communication, aerospace, Health Care, wellness etc. The experts available with IFT are excellent Advisors. They offer to undertake Research, Studies and Specialized Training and can also Assist in Inquires, Investigation and Audit. It has the capability to undertake drone forensics, digital forensics etc. In addition, IFT is probably the only startup which actually does hand holding of other startups and guides them in their development work. The company believes in its basic philosophies of “Simple Solution to Complex Problem” and “Work together to Run Faster and Further” with “Atmanirbhar Bharat” at its core. The ultimate goal is to provide “Only the Best” for National Security.